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Frustrated Gratitude

How much gratitude can I have for someone I am frustrated with today?

What is the feeling inside of you when you read this card? For me I draw this card and physically feel the release of an inner fight. The brain overworks, this is wrong, that is wrong, this irritates me... and then looking at this I think, wait. I'm so freaking lucky to have this awesome person in my life! What am I really complaining about? I posted to my facebook therapy site this cute meme about "if you're happy and you know it overthink..." and give your brain a chance to blow it. We're so cute with our ability to find what's wrong vs what's right.

Today, let's release ego, and really give gratitude for the good in someone that we are not acknowledging in that way. There is no person in this world that is all good or all bad. We both have capabilities in situations to make decisions and show up on either sides of that spectrum. Find the good and get present to that today. There is a significantly different sense of space than holding onto frustration. And who knows, maybe you can even work through some of that with the correct communication. When you're in gratitude it is a much different way of communicating than coming at someone with the point of view "you're wrong."

Go forth and feel the love today!

Thanks for following me!

=) Janie

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