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Creating anything

Creating anything requires that we remove limitation. I attended a call put on by my dear Jamie Bates. She addressed a concept of form and structure. She went into the concept that form and structure are merely an energy. And when we buy into these limitations of what something has to look like, you can't really have anything anymore. Form and structure is the rule book that says we have to play by a set of confounds and rules or we can't have what we want. And a lot of time, we make that stuff up. "I can't have a lot of money without a really expensive college education." "I can't have the love I want without 3/4 of my life spent at the gym and eating nothing but slim fast." "I can't have blah blah blah because." We think we have all the answers on what things have to look like. And we are not big enough to perceive the infinite amount of possibilities that this world can show up for us with. I repeat. We don't know what things can look like.

When you draw this card, I'm asking you to feel what it would be like to have your "anything" desire today. I'm asking you to feel the space in that desire and contemplate what that creates in your world. Close your eyes, feel it in your being. If you like that feeling, make choices that make you feel like that. Bad choices are not going to make you feel excited, light and expansive. They are weighted and heavy in your body.

Ask the question, "what would it take to believe I can create anything I desire today?"

Breathe. Stop thinking. Go about your day. Acknowledge.

Have a magical day,


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