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Healing From The Narcissistic Relationship

If you find yourself reading this, you may say to yourself, "I think I'm going crazy." "I've lost myself and I don't know where to begin." And many other statements that give you a sense of complete hopelessness in the aftermath of a relationship you can't make sense of. You're not alone.

10 week group course

Section 1

Getting the knife out.

Here we begin our journey together. We will strengthen bonds in our support group and enter into topics that start to make sense of our experiences. We will learn to start letting go of what doesn't serve our greatest good and create closure. We will learn to decipher lies, learn how to stop ruminating them, and understand "trauma bonding."

Section 2

We learn about patterns in love. Why we date who we date and love who we love. We begin to break the addictive cycles of wanting to go back to a relationship that isn't good for us. In section 2 we will take on exercises that help move us through addictive love into increased self love. We will build on our sense of self, self love and increased confidence.

Section 3

Here we begin to truly separate ourself from destructive relationship patterns. We have gained a close support group that upholds our progress. We continue to take on exercises that separate us from the person we can't live with and struggled to live without. We further our self love, appreciation, validation and a new found strength to create a newly empowered, healthy and happy life. 

Join us and find your inner peace again.

This is a 10 week group therapy course. Each week will progress with discussion topics and exercises to move you through the healing process. The class is capped at 12 people to keep it personal, small and intimate. Each week you will be supported as you go through a step by step process to help you grow stronger and break away from this type of abusive relationship cycle. The course combines psychology, education, cognitive behavioral therapy, consciousness work, homework exercises. I will teach you new tools and most of all, your choices will become more empowered as you grow stronger in your sense of you again.

Who this group is for:

You found yourself out of a relationship and have experienced several of the following from your partner: verbal abuse, physical abuse, gaslighting (doubting your own self knowledge), high control tactics, mental trauma, loss of family and friends, financial devastation, random fits of rage that break down your self esteem, lack of empathy from your partner, infidelity, comparisons to an ex that you can never measure up to, you were somehow discarded or disregarded from the relationship without closure, you experience obsessive thoughts trying to make sense of your experiences, excessive tearfulness, poor ability to function in day to day activities, loss of self and who you knew yourself to be. 

Please be able to attend all sessions in full without distractions in your environment. The absence of you will effect the group as a whole as we grow together and care for each other.

Feel free to reach out to me with questions on the contact form on this site.

What's included

10 Weeks of Healing


This course will include 10 weeks of topics, homework and custom designed therapy aids. 

Hypnosis Audios


This course will include weekly hypnosis audios to help you get over your relationship, recover from emotional abuse, narcissistic relationships, manipulative relationships, cope with anxiety, stress, grief and more. Audios will include sound healing and bio resonance frequencies for improving your emotional well being. 

Daily Cards

Manifesting Love and Healing deck Final Template49.png

You will receive a custom designed daily card deck made specifically for this course. The questions are designed to take you out of negative thought patterns and help you create more love and healing in your life.

Dates to be determined. Please send a contact to be added to the waitlist.

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