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What can I create in the world today?

This blogs headline should be the question today. While my cards weren't originally intended to address something as big as PLANET EARTH shutting down to a worldwide epidemic, it is absolutely something I can't ignore. Planet earth is closed for business. Over the last week I have to be honest, I've never watched this much news and actually been willing to sit with the fear the media designs to instill in us. I have played conspiracy theory in my head, I've tossed around religion, apocalypse, and tried to be with the thoughts that everything will be better in a few weeks. In writing a blog on a therapy site I can tell you to journal, think happy thoughts and practice your CBT skills. This is much bigger. And we all know it.

Originally before I went to school for psychology, I spent a lot of time with astrology and learning it very deeply. It gave me a lot of perspective on why people think how they think, act how they act, like what they like, and perspective on when things happen like they do. I put all those books away to go to school for psychology and social work and give the scientists and "evidence based practices" a shot at their validity. The 2 worlds SHOULD collide. Ahhh, but not in an insurance billing hour. Fine. We'll do it your way Medi-pay. But not in this blog today.

There is an energy going on in the world today. Lets simplify it. It addresses form and structure. It addresses power and corruption. It assesses what needs addressed and reset. And the world is taking matters into its own hands. Live and in living color. This boils down to our personal lives as well, we know things we need to reset, address and restructure. And we live what isn't working because: give me your reasons. Please! Comment your reasons!

I'm going to guess some of them are:

-What isn't working is socially acceptable,

-It pays the bills/financially stable

-You can't see other possibilities

-It's comfortable

-You don't want to cause upset to others so you forget your needs – even if it is ruining your health and life!

-Maybe you don't want to look weak

-I'm too busy to work on me or what I need right now!

Well. Guess what. Here's our reset. People are going to the store in apocalypse suits, latex gloves and masks. Forget what socially acceptable looks like. Work is called off and told you to stay home. Well thank you for giving me time to be with myself and focus on me boss man! Because lets face it folks, we keep ourselves so busy in this world the last thing we have time to focus on is us. How convenient is that? It's not. And it has to stop.

Your astrology lesson in this is Pluto, the god of the underworld is telling us we are getting a rebirth. It's like the death card in the tarot. The card doesn't mean death per say. It means a death of what's not working and a rebirth of what does work. It conjuncts Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibilities, it's our political rulerships and what confines us to that list of reasons up there. When they dance, it's serious business. We are each going to dance whether we want to or not. But the dance and the story takes place in our own individual lives. Look within.

What does this look like? Lets tie this card in; "What can we create in the world out of this?" Let me be direct. What you create starts with YOU. It starts with getting honest with who you are and being true to that. The quicker you can acknowledge that, the easier the dance becomes. The more bullshit we all throw up in our path (look at our list), the more we are going to fumble in this dance. Lets assess our core, humanity, and understand that inner process of what burns inside of us and WHY. We're in a world that is shutting down right now and giving us wings to recreate what our lives will look like. On a negative side, this energy can also give way for a lot of fear and paranoia. Don't give into that. You'll use this energy to manifest your power or waste it on the negativity. Choose. Fear and faith cannot exist on the same frequency. You're going to use this energy to create something better in this world now and when the dust settles. If you waste it on the same processes that are not working and you'll miss what this lesson is trying to teach us.


Stay home. Stay safe. Go within. Listen. Recreate.



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