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Let go.

What can I let go of today? In all of my years of doing therapy. It's interesting to see the correlation between your physical and mental health. In many belief systems, it's said, your body manifests the mental and emotional strains we carry. I've also heard, if someone is being a pain in your butt, you can literally have... a pain in your butt. I'm not staking a scientific or medical diagnosis here... but it sure is interesting.

Letting go. Today for me I started to assess some attachments I have been holding onto. I've been carrying around a couple of funny cramps for about a week, and trying this theory out on myself, I really started asking, what do I need to let go of? I went to places where I have a sense of 'what could I have done more, different, better, said different, contributed to different'.... coulda, shoulda, woulda. Rehearsing it in my head and then hitting the replay button on that, about 100x. Cause that makes it better, right? LOL!!!! No. Cause that helps us FINALLY figure out the solution right? LOL! No. Face it, some of us hit that replay button on things we've been holding onto for decades. Did you figure out the why of that situation yet? As human beings, we love to have a reason why something happened like it did. We want to figure it out. Maybe there is no why. Maybe there doesn't need to be a why.

Letting go can look like forgiveness. Forgiveness is for you, not the other person. It sets you free of all the pains in the ass. Face it, as much as you get mad at someone, the pain is in your ass, not theirs. Figuratively or literally. It's heavy. I don't expect you to have this great ah-ha in this blog and forgive a long time resentment, but I do want you to gather the energy of this card, and put that question out. Maybe it doesn't happen today. Maybe something manifests in your life to grant you more patience, grace or clarity in the near future. But identifying what you're holding onto is something I want you to identify in this space. And ponder what it would be like to let go. That anger or instance that broke your heart should not define who you are or give you validation anymore. Here we lay our ego down and say, I don't need what I'm holding onto that doesn't work for me anymore. It can look like a final sorry, thank you, I love you, but it's making peace with a situation and doing the best you can and "giving it to God" if you will. What can I let go of today?

For me, I had to let go of trying harder than someone else to create something I saw possible, and they did not. This is typical in this type of work role to remember. It's about what others see possible and want for themselves. That is to be known and remembered in every type of relationship with another. It starts with what someone is enrolled in, and seeing the possibilities. If they don't want to create your version of possibilities with you, you have to let go of that vision. It doesn't mean you can't create something different, but you need to assess what letting go looks like for you.

And if you don't want to dig this deep, maybe it looks like letting go of something that is physically taking up your space that you don't need anymore. Physical and mental space, gives way for the new to come in. ;) Ask the question, and see what happens for you.

Have a beautiful day,


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