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Without judgement

What would I create today if nobody had a judgement? Oh that word is never fun. The fear of judgement can hold you back so far and stifle the fire right out of you. Truth be told, someone will judge you whether they like your shoes or they don't. Both are a judgement. One just feeds your ego more than the other. What decisions would you make if you weren't worried about what other people would think? Is there an ah-ha and an ease that goes off in your mind when you read this? That's ok if there is not. Just be with that question today and see what shows up for you. How many judgements do you perceive from others that stifles you?

Today I blog. LOL! I open myself wide up for others to judge the things I ramble out onto the web. While I don't love opening up that wide, truth be told, my goal is to create something positive in the world around me. And with the best of intentions, here I go.

Please keep in mind with these cards, they are meant for your greatest good. I do work with addictions, and the judgement card here is not a freebie to make choices that are not going to benefit you and the world around you. Feel your creation here. If it feels like toxic ick in your body, make a different choice. Follow something that feels happy and free. That cycles back to our intentions here of manifesting miracles and keeping a positive flow cycling into your life.

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