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Who’s magical

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Who can show up in my life today to create more magic, joy and ease? Today we open ourselves to let others in and receive positivity from them. There is an inspirational video I often like to reflect on made by one of my favorite motivational speakers, Kerwin Rae (click his name to watch).

What I like to take from this video clip is our support groups. Who are they? Are they helping you create more magic, joy and ease in your life? Do they want you to succeed mentally, physically, emotionally? These components are the basic necessities to thrive before we start getting into education, money and romance. It's our foundation. I'm not saying you can't have the end 3 outcomes, without a good support group, I am saying it's a lot easier and more fulfilling to hold onto those last 3 when we are mentally, physically and emotionally supported.

When I drew this card, I found myself surrounded by new friends that I've made that have such a light spirit and I can feel their happiness to be alive, to the point it's contagious. People's happiness is contagious and can diminish our self imposed fears, stress, seemingly endless work piles that feel unobtainable.... all the icky things that weigh us down.

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