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Where is all the lonely and how do I change it?

48 cards, 48 days. Lets play with them. Each morning I'm going to draw a card, and blog on it. This is going to be a practical guide to playing with this deck.

Where are all the places and spaces I've identified with being lonely? And what would it take to allow people to contribute to my life more than I ever thought possible?

Remember, we're not answering the questions, we're not figuring it out. We might be in a place where we draw this card and say ehhh. I feel sad. That's not going to change. Don't nay say the card. Ask the question, and stay open. Stay open in acknowledgment through the day.

Where are all the place and spaces...

That means, thoughts, cognitions, conclusions, energy points that are stored in your life and in your body that you labeled as lonely. Where is lonely? Is is a place? Can we see it? Can we measure it? Is it in your head? Is it a sadness in your heart? Did you identify it as living alone? Did you relate to it as not having a fulfilling relationship? Is someone not measuring up to your expectations? Maybe all of it. Remember we labeled it as lonely. We relate to that place/space as lonely.

What would it take to allow people to contribute to my life more than I ever thought possible? People can show up as a contribution in many ways. I asked you to acknowledge when people come in and offer you something of themself to fill that space you identified as lonely. If you shut them down, that's on you. You're homework was to acknowledge when it shows up.

Honestly, I draw a card and forget about it after asking the question. So I really enjoy when it shows up and I go, "oh yeah! I asked for that! Yay!"

My day after drawing this card brought me 2 special people that touched base with me and shared in honesty, understanding and vulnerability, and left me feeling cared for deeply. How does it get better than that? (Don't answer that, and don't you dare say, 'it doesn't'!)

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