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Surrounding yourself with support

What would it take to surround myself with people who support me in creating more? This is an easier question not to answer. Ask and receive. What do you want to create? Are you hanging out with dream crushers that don't support you? I'm sure that feels.... like crap. That pulse inside you beats for something, it's different for everyone, it can be different at different times of the day, I'll give you that. I wrote a blog a while back about your support system and "Who Supports Your Crazy". It takes 2 people to agree upon a point of view, to make you think it's a good one. You just need one more to match you.

There's a lot of levels to this card. In a relationship that is not working, it might highlight the difficulty in carrying out a simple task, such as, 'what's for lunch'? There is a lot of ease in 2 people that want tacos for lunch and it happens to be Taco Tuesday. These are just silly analogies in the grand scheme of possibilities here.

Today I had someone step in and hold me accountable to accomplishing some tasks, and even made plans to help me with some creative goals and dreams. That leaves me with a feeling of support and ease. There is less pressure on me to be all things to meet this goal and the gratitude that follows that support is immeasurable. Thank you!

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