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How much can I receive today? I addressed receiving in an earlier post. I'm going to address it again here in this basic question of the day. How open are you to receiving from others? From the world around you? What kinds of things can we receive? Here's a list of ideas. By no means should you limit yourself to my ideas and concepts.

Magic. Do you ask for it? Do you ever ask for signs and symbols if you're going in the right path in life? (Consider that we are playing in an ask and receive world here with these cards. They are our playground.) When making a choice, do you pay attention to the ease of your life. Do obstacles appear that make you feel like you're pushing a boulder up a hill for some unpromised reward? Stop pushing the boulder and find the ease. Go toward the light. LOL! Food for thought.

Invitations. When people invites to do things, experience things, take part in things. Say yes. Expand your boundaries out of your comfort zone and see what experience life can gift you.

Acts of kindness. Be present to compliments, actions, smiles, laughter, gratitude. Always be present to gratitude.

Words of wisdom. Sometimes when I get myself out of the house, and out of my comfort zone, it's mind boggling to me how a conversation with a complete stranger sometimes give me the exact words I needed to hear. Especially when that stranger know nothing about me.

When things just go right. The closest parking space, green lights, no wait in line, appointments working out better than you planned. I know there are times when something comes up in my personal life that makes an appointment difficult for me to keep, and more often than not, magically, that appointment cancels and/or reschedules in an easier time and place.

What kinds of things can you receive from the world around you today? Trust in the world around you when you ask this question and acknowledge what you receive.

Have a beautiful day receiving from the world around you.

=) Janie

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