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Love and honor your body

What would it take to love and honor my body today? At face value, this could seem like a health and fitness card and the immediate response that could be triggered is, I could go for a jog, eat a salad or put the card back and draw another one. LOL! Wait!

So we get this amazing body that carries us around this earth for one lifetime. If you fall, it will heal. If you eat crap, it will process it and put up with it. You're body is composed of energy, molecules, 70 - 80% water... pending on what google page you want to pull up. Your body is this living, breathing organism that we get to live with. And if you're anything like me, we dog on that body all the time! You're overweight, old, too big, too small, not right...

If I told my best friend that, she'd slap me. Rightfully so! But closer to you than your best friend, is the body you live in. Your closest team mate and partner. What would it take to love and honor your best buddy today? I can't answer what that looks like for you. And while I said you don't have to answer the questions, you don't. I drew this card today and wore something that I absolutely loved without needing a reason and place to wear it. I saw one person today and they randomly complimented me on my dime store pearls and sweater that is a little too big, and it lit me up inside.

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