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Get paid to be more of me

What would it take to manifest a job that pays me more, gives me more "me time", and compliments more of who I am?

The sky is the limit, why not ask? Today I'm asking you to conjure the energy of this question. A lot of time we hold onto what we think something has to look like. I have to work this crappy job to pay the bills. I have to work harder at things I hate. Who are you? What works for you? What can you create? Who is willing to pay you to be you? There is space and ease in this question. Don't shut it down. Maybe this is building on an art hobby you have, maybe this allows you to take a chance on a better opportunity that makes it's way to you. If you don't ask, you might not receive, and if you're willing to receive, what else can be possible? How does it get better than this?

Stay open and have fun.

=) Janie

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