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Feeling excited and alive

What choice could I make today to make me feel excited and alive? My personal guru Jamie Bates always crams into my head, "choice creates reality!" Rolling out of bed and doing the same thing over and over again that is not making you happy and coming up with the lousy excuse that you have to do it is crap. Sorry. There needs to be something in that heart of yours that will light you up. In cases of depression, often that light does go out, it's a matter of navigating your path back to finding it. The opposite of a goal is depression, destination no where. We are beings that are driven to grow in some way shape and form. It looks different for us all. But yes, that choice that lights you up is attached to a path and an outcome. And when you're lit up, guess what? The world around you shares in that light. You're creating something all around you with that spark.

When I created this card, I made a choice to call someone I just wanted to hear from, and from there that created some adventures that were far beyond my expectations, filled with light and ease and moments I'll always hold dear. I had to throw away some judgement and just be with the question black and white, what would make me feel excited and alive? From there I just followed the excitement and give gratitude for the outcome.

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