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Creating a new connection today

Who can I create a new connection with today? Well here is a fun card, especially if you don't like to move out of your comfort zone. LOL! Which is a lot of us. So the 3/4 of you that are going to go ahead and try to answer this card, the psychology of it that is most obvious is... Get out of the house! There's a billion people in this world and you only need a small area to find someone with something to offer you. The rest of us who can resist the answer and just look for what shows up, there is a lot of potency in this card.

I was not thrilled as I drew this card for the day. I resisted cheating and putting it back for a new draw, just for you guys. I had introverted a lot of my energy working in my comfort zone and my own special projects for the last week or so. I had an event planned already for this evening that I was searching for a reason to get out of. This card tells me that wasn't going to happen. Oddly enough, prior to the event, I had a random phone call from someone interested in working together on a future project that could be quite exciting. Later, during my event, I had a couple of persistent friends introduce me to a new acquaintance, despite my resistance, and another person with that same name showed up in my space 20 minutes later and invited me to an introductory dance class I was interested in checking out. While wanting to stay in my bubble today, this card really opened me to some greater possibilities.

Ask the question, and just see what shows up. The more you ask, the more you can be with the question and not stand in the way, the more things can show up for you.

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