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Considering the unknown

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

What else is possible that I never considered here? We think we know all possible outcomes for a situation. It's either this or that. This stinky farty outcome or that. This is a great question to be with when we're stuck. Ask the question and let go for a new outcome to present itself. Out of this entire universe, there are a godzillion possibilities that can happen that are completely out of our scope of rationality. We project onto our situations that it has to be an outcome in our scope of reason. It doesn't. Just sayin. From experience. Let go of your limitations and be with the question. Receive. Open up and receive.

For me. I think I hit a point of burnout today when I drew this card. I had a last appt of the day that went into the evening. It was an overdue meeting, that I didn't have time or energy to attend to. However, that meeting gave me a new possibility I hadn't considered, and this possibility gave me a new zest and energy for the tasks that were piling up and creating thoughts of burnout for me. Honestly, it tackled my perception of time and what else I can create with it. I have an ongoing excitement for what was created today for my life and my business.

What else is possible?

Don't answer. Go about your day, and just let that question linger.

And acknowledge what shows up.

Have a magical day!

=) Janie

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