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This is my space, there is yours

What would it create to set a personal boundary in my life today? What do boundaries look like in your life? Do you give in to a lot of things you don't want to? That you don't have to do? Do you live in your own belief systems? Do you honor your own self worth when it comes to others? Do you do things that honor your values? Is there space for you in your life to create and do the things that mean something to you and you love?

I often think of boundaries like a dance space, like the famous phrase in Dirty Dancing, 'this is my dance space, that is yours." Face it, if we don't preserve that space, we'll be stepping all over each other. That's no fun.

So when I drew this card I just had to be with the question, I couldn't consider where I needed to draw a line with someone else. It was interesting. There are people that come and cut my flowering bushes for me every quarter. I don't want my blooms cut, so I usually run screaming and pleading at them, if I notice them. Today someone was kind enough to tell me how to mark them off so they wouldn't be touched in the future. This was actually a big deal to me, for a while. I'm happy with what showed up.

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