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The life of my dreams

What does the life of my dreams feel like, and what do my senses have to do with it? Our senses are powerful tools for creation. This engages a system of being much deeper than words can define. How do you describe love in words, vs what does it feel like? How do you describe your favorite song in words, vs how it takes over your thoughts, your feelings and moves through connection points in your life, memories and brings them soaring right into your present. Think about how you want your life to feel. There is a feeling associated with freedom, with ease, with being in love in a positive relationship, and a different energy in negative relationship. There is an energy associated with someone giving you kind words, a peace, and a negative statement being said to you, a heaviness that sticks with you and doesn't go away easily. Smells encompass triggers to all of these things and moments.

When I'm asked this question, I conjure a series of moments in my life. Happy moments, sad moments. Moments where I thought I was happy, but felt struggle inside everyday and constriction, that was meant to get me to happy someday... Moments where I have been carefree and surrounded with feelings of expansion and excitement. Moments where I felt deeply loved and cared about by those around me.

And then we get to the second half of the card. What does it feel like to choose that everyday? You're reading this because you want to manifest some change in your life somewhere, I'm writing for you.

Fictitious example: the life of my dreams feels like a vacation I took 10 years ago surrounded by nature and there was the sweet smell of pine and the breeze blowing in my hair. When I get up tomorrow I'm going to work 8 hours in an office cubical and I feel constricted and I'm eating a lean cuisine for lunch and still be hungry. Do these 2 things match at all? Face it, some of us make these choices because "I have to pay the bill"s.... and stay skinny because I have no energy to move. What if we draw this card, and conjure up a feeling that we want more of, and just feel decisions in our day that feel like that? Maybe it's not booking a vacation to a mountain top. Maybe it's going for a walk at lunch or hanging a waterfall picture on our cubical wall. Maybe it is planning vacation time, a weekend camping trip, organizing groups for nature walks... I encourage you to think of things with less limitation than I'm giving you here. Go bigger.

Maybe we go back to the decks original intention and not answer the card at all, cause we have no clue. :)

Today right after I drew this card, the sun was out for the first time in days. I walked outside, and I have these hibiscus bushes, they are pink and orange. There was a red flower growing on my orange bush. Without going into detail, first of all, that made me question if I was delusional for about 15 minutes... but secondary that came with a lot of deep symbolism in my life. And I was able to feel and envision things I want to create my life as, even more.

The second part of the card just reminds me when I'm making decisions, to make choices that follow that feeling and intention I had today. We have a tendency to side track from what we wanna create and let self-sabotage, guilt, fear, and other people get in our way. Sometimes it's not even other people, it's what we think other people think! That is more legit than you may realize. Let go of any baseline limited thought processes. Follow your positive feeling. Keep following it. Keep the flow going. Keep drawing your cards and manifesting the life you desire. Keep acknowledging what comes up and keep choosing.

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