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Staying small

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Where is everywhere I have agreed and aligned with staying small? What does this mean? My intention for this was similar to the card about not being good enough. When we stay small, we stay quiet in the background of others, we try to go unnoticed in areas of our life. We second guess what we know and we can put others second rate expertise above our own, because we contract our energy. It can be for conscious reasons that we want to keep the peace and live in harmony maybe, perhaps it's the avoidance of more responsibility or the fear that we will be made wrong for making more noise in our life.

Wherever these things show up in your life, I want you to feel the difference in your body, when you expand and contract who you are, your energy. The quick expansion exercise at the bottom of this card creates a calming inside and more space for who you are in this world. When we contract our energy and stay small, there is an anxious feeling inside of us where we shrink our talents, capacities, capabilities down to where we are not offering them to the world around us. And let me tell you, it's others that will miss out on the joy of you. When we shrink we show up as someone different, when we expand, we create more happiness, smiles, joy, creativity. Don't be afraid to be you and ask for the things you need to support that process.

For me when this card came up, I created a connection with a new acquaintance. Initially I had chose to stay silent and superficial, not to overstep my self perceived boundaries. It was actually them that initiated a closer bond with me. And for me, I feel thrilled to be able to be me and have that openness and connection. This actually drew upon some of my strengths, some I didn't know I really had. The day ended with me going to a favorite spot that makes me feel so grateful for this chapter of my life that I'm living, a place that always makes me feel expanded.

Have a magical day!

=) Janie

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