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Show me the money... today

How much money can I receive with ease today please? This card is really about receiving. Money can look a lot of different ways. If we simply look at this card and think it's going to look like a winning lottery ticket or nothing at all, we've cast a lot of expectations upon what something has to look like and shut down a lot of receiving capacities.

What capacities can money show up like? Being gifted in any capacity, a free lunch, a free cup of coffee, a discount at your favorite store, someone offering to do you a favor you didn't have to pay them for, a coupon, a penny on the ground! A penny is an indication that your willingness to receive is open and this is where you practice acknowledgement and say, "how does it get better than this?" Don't answer that. Don't do it! It's a phrase to open up your receiving further beyond what you think it has to look like. It creates a flow of abundance. Don't ever shut that down with "oh it can't get better than this!" I don't care if you found $100. Don't shut that flow down! That second statement creates a glass ceiling on your life and you've created how good it can get.

Time is money. I don't have a lot of down time and when something saves me time, for me that is priceless. I've had discounted bills that have had manifested without reason or cause, free cups of coffee in the drive thru, free quarters at the grocery store on the ground, free car rental upgrades and many contributions to my life with this tool that leave me with abundant gratitude no matter how big or small.

Happy manifesting of your small and/or big victories today.

– Janie

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