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Show me a miracle

What if life could show me a miracle everyday? What is my miracle today? I'll follow that up with another question here, how much ease can this card bring me? Ease, synchronicity, magic... can I get a hell yes? Can this happen everyday, heck yes! But today is your training wheels. Look for it. What form can a miracle show up in? Just plain luck. It shows up in the unexpected. Maybe it's something as small as someone telling you what you needed to hear that impacts your day, or a decision. Maybe it's something much different. Don't wait for a house to drop on someone you don't like, you're going back to negative thinking again. We're not sitting there in my 48 card deck people! ;)

Today I drew that card, I got called on to do something I did not want to do, and there was no way out of it. Upon showing up, I heard another individual say, "I just know I'm going to be stuck doing this all day." As I practice these tools religiously I almost fell out of my seat and thought, 'Why would you put that out there?' Long story short, the event was cancelled. I'll collect my miracle and resumed other more abundant tasks today with gratitude, yes please and thank you! Want luck to follow you around? Ask for it my lovelies!

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