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Open the magic door

What would it take for the universe to open a new door for me today? We're familiar with the statement when one door closes another one opens. Yes. This is true. We're just going to ask for another door today. No need to focus on closing a door. You can if you need to. We're creating options! ;)

Options are nice to have. We certainly get stuck in that comfort zone and some of us struggle to spend time with those new doors that open. They're magical doors. Alice had magical doors. Just sayin. Practice saying yes to something today, and be a part of a new possibility.

For me, I set out on an adventure to fix a piece of equipment that I've lugged around broken for years. I was setting out to make a long distance trip to a store to buy a part. My perception of the day is I was going way out of my way to spend money and drive home. Instead, I made a new friend. I learned possibilities that this piece of equipment could do and things it could create in my world, that was not in my scope of possibilities prior to this. And that lights me up and makes me excited about it. I was also a contribution to that new friend, sharing in a day that was out of the ordinary for them as well.

Go be a gift to the world with who you are today.

Open a magic door of possibility and play in that today.



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