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Moving beyond limitation

What would it take to outcreate my limitations today? What do your limitations look like? The first place you may find them is looking at the space of your comfort zone. We all have one. How much room do you have to move around in that bad boy? Is is small? Is it big? Is it full of useless crap? (Just checkin, just sayin.) If you reach out to the edges of that comfort zone, what is going on there? Why don't we move beyond it? That is limitation.

Limitation shows up in what we are willing to receive from others as well. If someone offers to help you, to give you things, or buy you lunch, can you receive it? Does it come with a certain amount of guilt or unworthiness? What if someone wants to gift you and you were willing to receive? Much like these cards, can you ask the question and be open to receive?

The outcreate part is manifesting beyond that limitation. We're asking to outdo these buzzkills when they show up. Lets have a buzzkill free day and outcreate.

For me, I moved out of my comfort zone yesterday. I did good, so today I wanted a break. LOL! Just kidding. Kinda. This card showed up for me differently than I wrote it and different than I expected. I had a routine in my day going on that I needed to escape from, to get some focused work done honestly. I took some time and escaped in my own private part of the world in a scenic place and got more accomplished today than I have in several days. It felt good, and the way I went about doing it was rewarding to me as well.

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