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Manifesting Miracles - Deck

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

"Manifesting Miracles" is a deck of cards I created to help my clients with their daily cognitive thoughts. I blended the concept of this deck with the basic concepts from the Laws of Attraction and labeled it "Woo-Woo", which is just a fun word. Each card in this deck is a question. The questions are to take you out of limited points of view. Every hear you get what you ask for? Isn't it crazy that most of us will ask for things we don't want? True story. When we wake up and ruminate thoughts on how we don't want to relive a negative situation and defend for it, against it and expend our energy in figuring out solutions.... and repeat over and over... (It's exhausting!!!) What if we can change those thoughts? Then what? What will happen? Play with me here.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is about changing thoughts. And it's work. Thoughts are trained, engrained and automatic. This is not about putting post in notes all over your house trying to convince yourself of things you don't believe, and criticizing yourself when you don't get it right. These are a simple ask and receive. Rest assured, we often get what we ask for. Want another shitty day? Waking up and saying, 'oh great, another shitty day', is asking for another shitty day.

The Laws of Attraction are about being a positive energy space and attracting good things. It's a leap of faith and can also be hard when we're outright down and depressed. Play with me here.

So we're simply asking questions. Different ones. Better ones. We're going to throw our conclusions of what something has to look like in the garbage, because lets face it, we don't know what this world's unlimited possibilities could look like. Take a deep breath. Draw a card. Your new homework is to work on not answering the question and simply acknowledge what shows up in your day/week and months to follow. How much can we create in our life, by just asking for more?

It's funny, we get in this habit of waiting and preparing for the other shoe to drop as a protective measure, but we're also numbing and protecting ourself from experiencing more joy and greater experiences at the same time. I assure you we've all lived a tale or 2, and we're like cats, we will land on our feet if needed. Let go of your internal protection mechanisms, and just live in possibility with me for a while. See what happens.

Remember, don't answer the card. Conjure the energy of it, and see what happens. Give gratitude when things show up. And keep asking more questions. Keep the flow going.

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