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Manifestation Time!

Spring time is here again and with Spring marks rebirth and a new cycle of growth. Blending in some old tips and tricks I learned from a some very wise owls, the new moon in Aries is upon us as well. In Astrology, Aries marks the beginning of the astrological year. This energy is very powerful for beginning new things. April 11th is the new moon and with that I plan a vision board party each year for some close buddies and postulate my smaller waist line for the next year with a few large pizzas.

The first time I participated in a vision board night, I thought it was the silliest thing I ever heard of, but $5 pizza and pop night with some people I loved to spend time with, I was in. I spent the evening cutting up old magazines and glue sticking these images to a poster board, only to be told to go home and hang this tacky masterpiece somewhere prominent in my home. I'm a good student, so I listened. There on my bedroom wall was this creation. Eventually I got used to it being there and paid no mind to it. Within a few months these postulations illustrated in magazine cut out words and images that meant something to the life I wanted to create began to manifest beyond what I thought was possible. Just a word of advice, be careful what you wish for. ;) You just might get it.

What you'll need:

• Poster board (.50 at the dollar store)

• Glue Stick (pretty sure the purple one works the best.)

• Magazines ( is a good source, newspaper recycle drives, doctors offices)

• Scissors

• A positive attitude (do not ask for what you do not want! If you have low self esteem, ask for way more than you think you deserve.)

I wish you fun and luck and look forward to seeing and hearing what you create!

Love and light,


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