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In January I went back to school for an intensive study in hypnotherapy. This is a very exciting training with an abundance of tools that they don't teach in clinical therapy school. Woo doggy. For those of you on my caseload, you get to come along with me on my journey. In September, after my training is complete I'll offer packages specifically for hypnosis separate from individual therapy sessions. I am not ceasing individual therapy sessions on my caseload, don't freak out. <3

I started adding hypnotic programming to the "Therapy Shop" for specific issues. I have quite an extensive array of healing techniques I've indulged in for the past 25 years from astrology, Reiki, sound healing, consciousness work, manifestation work... While it's difficult to blend these into the clinical world with insurance, I've pulled the reiki, sound healing and added in bio resonance frequencies into the hypnotic programming tracks. (I also have a musician in my back pocket who is a perfectionist when it comes to sound quality.) Listen to the hypnotic programs with headphones so you can boost the tuning fork resonance. The sound healing portion are tuning forks. These are custom precision sets designed by Christopher Tims ( The guy is a genius. The frequencies will start at your feet and open your chakra system all the way up to your crown chakra. There is also a deep low resonance of the OM DNA tuning fork and the DNA Creator toward the end of the tracks to help solidify the new neural pathways we are creating together.

I've incorporated bio resonance frequencies from the Healy. The Healy is a small device that uses Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field for many important areas of life. I have programs specifically to address the topics of my hypnosis program and I run them simultaneously during recording. Don't believe in one of these woo woo things I've included? That's ok. They are all extras to what hypnosis alone can create if you're ready for that change. The question is, are you ready for that change?

Coming soon I will implement a morning hypnosis drop in session on Zoom. I'll send out another newsletter when that's going to begin. Topics will vary and we will engage in a live personlized session for the attendees, incorporating the tuning forks and Healy. What a great way to start a day!



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