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Limitless love... stop being a scrooge

If love does not have a limit, how much love can I express today, without exception and expectation?

Did you ever hear the term "never say I love you first?" Ever do it and hear crickets in return? Or fear you're going to hear crickets in return? That concept is a love exchange where you feel you've handed out a part of yourself and got short changed in return. And the immediate go to response is "oh crap I shouldn't have done that!" Uhhh!!! (facepalm). You handed out love and didn't get it back, and then want to take it back.

But lets challenge that thought process for a minute. Did you ever consider we can be stingy with the amount of love we hand out, like it can only be a capped size or... we gave too much away. What if love is something that has no limit? What if we can freely give love and not run out? What if it wasn't about being short changed when we come upon another that doesn't give it back? Does that mean we are not loved or loveable? No. Love comes from an abundant space inside of us. It is a greatness in us that can gift this, without expectation and exception. This expression is about the greatness we see in another, the gratitude, the care we have for them, and/or the contribution they are in our life.

There are many types of love and the expression of I love you can often mean different things as well. Anywhere from 'you make my soul feel like it's going to explode' to 'I'm glad you're a part of my life' or 'I love who you are as a person’...

If you can be with what this card is asking of you today, it is a gift to anyone you convey words or acts of love to. Their ability to receive it is really about them, not you. All of us want to be loved at our core. And if someone can't receive it, they probably need it more. ;)

This is a day about being present to love and creating a flow of that frequency around you. Have fun being great and raising the vibrations of those around you, regardless of their response.

– Janie

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