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Letting Go

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

What would it take to let go of a resentment today? It's a simple, yet powerful question. Read slowly and be with me here. Pause with my periods at the end of my sentences. I don't expect you to draw this card and have an ah-ha moment and let go of a 100 year old resentment. No. I'm asking you to gather the energy of this question. I'm asking you to sit with that question and feel that resentment in your body. And I'm asking you to take a moment and feel your body without that resentment. What would it feel like to let it go? Take a breath. Breathe into that. Pause.

I'm not asking you to loop on the who done what wrong. No matter how BAD it is. No matter what the story is. No matter the right, wrong, good, bad, he said, she said of it all. What would it take? And let go at this point. I want you to identify what starts coming up in your life. I also want you to identify the shifts that take place if and when they happen.

For me. There's a resentment I've held onto pretty sweet for several years. This one, near and dear to my heart, made for some really good shooting at a shooting range, like the 2 times I visited one. LOL! It was me and that wrong I was done, sitting there in the center at that target. At that point I had rationalized, maybe it's good to have 1 or 2 good resentments to light a fire under my butt. While not really having a lot of resentments that I hold onto when I drew this card, I myself said, "oh yea, good luck with that. That wrong I was done, I've worked on that, and done the best I could with where it's at." Oddly enough there was a sequence of events that happened in my life over the next few weeks that made me see the other side of that situation that was not in my feasible ability to comprehend. All this time. This was a positive sequence of events that happened and gifted me such insight. The weight has dissipated and gratitude fills that space now.

Resentment is like drinking a slow poison waiting for the other person to die. It festers and it limits us. It limits our choices, it creates reasons we cannot do something. It provokes this desire for justice/revenge. (Is there a difference between the two?) It's an energy that recalls that wrong over and over and occupy this space within us. THIS SPACE. THIS NOW. When actually can be a really blissful now, without the weight of that karmic justice that we placed out in the universe. What else can you create in this world with all that energy? We are powerful creatures. What does it feel like to let go? All I ask, is that you feel it. And try to hold onto that. Just for today.

Go forth and be magical today.

Lots of love to you all,


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