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How do you love me, let me count the ways

How much love can I receive today? Just so happens this is Valentine's Day. Today is about the expression on love. Love for another, from another, and self-love. This is a receiving card and lets face it, some of us have problems with receiving. We can give, but receiving can feel like we owe someone something, it can look like weakness in certain aspects, or we feel guilt. Essentially those feelings come down to unworthiness, which block our capacity to receive love fully from others. Sometimes this is an unconscious process and it turns into just being frustrated with others for not contributing their share, or feeling taken advantage of.

Follow me here. I needed a crock pot for a party I was hosting. I was talking about this with 2 acquaintances actually. I said I needed to ask my neighbor for one, but didn't want to inconvenience her. I sat in this space of... where am I going to get this large crock pot for 1 day? It became a dilemma. (Which is overthought and honestly a waste of time, energy and stress for nothing!) One acquaintance pointed out that was a reflection of self-worth, as I didn't want to ask for something I needed. She said she would simply ask to borrow the crock pot. I was considering how to repay the neighbor for their possible good deed (adding more work to the dilemma I created in my head), the other acquaintance said "I would just go to the store and buy a new crockpot." LOL! It was interesting to hear how 3 people would handle such a simple request so dynamically. That is a reflection about self-worth, yes, but receiving from others is tied in there. In the end, my neighbor was more than happy to lend me the crockpot. Problem solved. That left me with a feeling of kindness and feeling supported, but also a sense of community as I was able to have a more personalized relationship with a really great person. Going to the store to buy this would have involved this process of "I don't need anyone, I can do everything myself," which gets lonely the better you master that mindset. People like to contribute to us, it gives us a sense of love and support together.

I know I'm getting off into a tangent of a crock pot on Valentine's Day. LOL! It's really a story about receiving. And I think all of us can identify with how we would handle the asking and receiving of someone in some capacity like that.

Today I'm asking you to open up your receiving without judgement. If you have someone today or you don't, it's not about the expectation of what "I love you day" HAS to look like. How much love can you be present to around you today? The superficial crock pot story is about creating a consciousness in you to NOT block the process.

The cards are about living in an "ask and receive universe". Let me reiterate this from my initial post about these cards. Ask and stay open to receive. Give up what it has to look like. And give gratitude when it shows up. It creates an energy of abundance and attracts more of that positive flow to keep coming to you.

Have an AMAZING I love you day.



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