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Choosing beyond sad

What would it take to stop choosing something that makes me feel sad today? What are you holding onto? This card has us look inward, at the attachments to unpleasant thoughts we're stuck on. It lets us know, that this thought process is a choice. Some examples that show up are, the anniversary date of the death of a loved one, guilt feelings, attachments to relationships that are not serving you, overextending yourself in a relationship that isn't extending back, resentments, low self worth, thoughts of not being enough...

We often create a lot of meanings to events and encounters in our life. We weight out the good, bad, right wrong, blah, blah, blah. If you analyze some of your thoughts that make you feel sad, just and yourself, "is that true?" Do you have to feel sad today because your loved one died? Who is that serving? I'm not denying you that losing someone you love is sad. But can you find other ways to honor that person or do something enjoyable on this day and ask them to share that day with you in spirit (if that suits your belief system). Thoughts of guilt, who is that serving? Guilt is like a debt that cannot be repaid with endless crappy feelings. Make your peace and create something positive in the world with what you could've, should've, would've. Relationships that are not reaching back or not serving you, those frustrated actions and thoughts take energy. What are you doing with your energy if you're wasting it on sad thoughts? Maybe you need to make peace with something today so you can let go.

Ask the question and see what comes up for you.

Stop choosing sad. Make a positive out of your choices today.

May your Monday be amazing.

=) Janie

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