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Beyond the comfort zone is where the magic happens

What would it take to choose beyond my comfort zone today? The comfort zone is often where we stay stuck and repeat patterns that may or may not work for us. One of my earlier posts is on your comfort zone, and outside of it is where the magic happens. Often our goals can require us to leave the predictability of our everyday life. And I believe this is a struggle for most of us.

Most of the changes we make in life occur when a situation becomes intolerable. That is usually our driving force to change. And then we get upset by the intolerable source that caused us to get our shit together, grow and create beyond it. Too often we discredit where it got us and hold on to a fierce resentment for it. LOL! That's how much we dislike change.

Consider: When something is good, can we still choose beyond it and create even better? This is a foreign concept I was challenged with once and I certainly learned a lot from this. I'm going to build on the ask and receive concept here. When we ask for something, we've filed a request in this life. When life shows up and forces to create more, it's usually honoring what we asked for, even when it shows up ugly and painful! What is it going to take to create your request? Can you choose it with ease and motivate yourself out beyond your zen zone, or do you need the ass kicking? And how big does the kick in the ass need to be before we take action? That's what it looks like. If you don't choose it what your heart is beating for, chances are good life will get to an intolerable crossroad and force you to go beyond. And those of us that continue on that once upon a time zen zone that became a personal hell, how much are you compensating of your peace, happiness and health to stay there?

Another thing to look at: How many times do we self sabotage our goals out of fear of getting what we wanted? I see it all the time in my practice, and I've experienced the same patterns as you do. What if I get what I asked for? Oh shit, there it is, ohhh no! I can't do that! LOL! That would be too scary... too good. Then what would I agonize about if I had what I wanted? LOL!!

Today we ask the question, see what shows up, and acknowledge, it wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be. All those things I thought were going to go wrong... were something I created in my head to stop myself from choosing what is best for me. I stopped myself from choosing me. Again.

Choose beyond comfort, even when it's not comfortable.

Have a magical day, acknowledging and choosing you.


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