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What Did You Ask For?

I want you to assess where you are in your life right now? What is is you are asking for? I'm going to tell you a story. I was approached by a friend of mine. They will often tell me how they hate their job and they want to get out of it, but they really want the job to provide them with more money to contribute to their stability. Well, of course we all want our job to provide for us, but lets go back to the statement "I want out of this." I want you to acknowledge the power of a request. That statement creates something. That statement creates a gateway out in your reality, it says "God", "Universe" (Whoever/whatever you subscribe to) I'm outta here. "Give me something I like more. But at the same time, could you give me a lot of money to stay miserable where I'm at?" Cause that would be cool too." What? I don't know about a higher power, but if I was almighty and I was going to create some movement in those requests, it would probably look like driving with the brakes on.

To shift and change, it requires trust. I don't know how many people I work with have been burned a million times and struggle with trust. I get it, it's waiting for the other shoe to drop to protect yourself from the inevitable. But I want you to look at that. That mindset also creates something. It creates that as your reality. What if you changed your point of view and said "God" or "The Universe".... has my back. Many of my devout Christians struggle with terrible anxiety while at the same time, they wholeheartedly believe in God. That statement is mearly a request for your awareness, to look at your faith and acknowledge your trust in it. It may feel like jumping off a building when you can't see the net. But lets fine tune some requests and see what happens.

I want out of this job. Ok. Where do you want to go? I want out of this job with more money. Ok. Lets create that. I want out of this job, but I want more money to stay in it. Ummm... we have to nix the contradictions. Because we're going nowhere with that. I want to stay in this relationship but it makes me miserable. Awesome. Maybe we can submit a request for improvement? And if there can't be improvement, maybe submit a new request? I have a chalkboard wall in my home. I pretend that whatever I write on it I can have. And it's a game for me to see what shows up in my life. A year ago I wrote that I wanted a job that gave me more money, more time and more of me. What does that look like? I had no idea. While expecting nothing and being happy with what I had, I took a new position doing group therapy. When I walked into my room, there were art supplies lined up all down a table and art all over the walls. (Side note, I also have a fine art degree and an art studio in my home that I spent little time with at the time I wrote that request.) When making requests, I want you to acknowledge what shows up for you, and that it may not always look like what you thought it was going to. Please acknowledge the power you have and be willing to make the changes when they present themselves. Trust. ;)

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