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What Choice Do I Have?

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Often times we get stuck in feelings that were trapped with no choice. And we ask What choice do I have but to suck it up and ____? Lets look at the power of that question. What Choice Do I Have? There are always a multitude of options available to us. And that choice is what creates our reality. The quality of our reality is dictated by the choices that we make.

I remember about a year back, I decided I needed to buckle down and start saving money, because it was just a wise thing to do. That's all. I started going through this depressive phase. This was also the time I was pondering moving out of state and I decided it was not an economical choice and I should just keep things as is, sit back and save money. I was less motivated toward accomplishments and started settling into a reality of indifference. It wasn't me. I made up my mind one morning, if I could do anything, what did I want to do? I wanted to travel out of state to the place I wanted to move to and look further into those possibilities. I instantly started to feel an excitement for life again. I scouted out some cheap airline flight and went through the next couple months with excitement around my choice. Things began to open up for me. People came into my life to help me, resources, and money flowed. I felt alive.

This was an incident where I understood more clearly, that our choices can have unlimited possibility. But essentially it's the choices we make that are dictating the structure of our consciousness. Choice creates reality. Choice creates reality. What are you choosing and how does it make you feel?

Tune into "yea but..." tomorrow.

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