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The Synchronicity of 2-2-22

The duality of numbers is something of I often have people notice throughout their day and often ask me what it means. Often times the duality of numbers can be seen as "angel messages”. Studying the significance of the numbers in numerology can often guide you into what you feel they are trying to communicate to you. While we can read many meanings from various sources, your inner tuition knows and feels what it needs to connect to. You should not question that. There is an inner resonance with what you need to take from that. Today marks a significant day of duality with 2-2-22. February is the second month. And with 2’s in the tarot, there is duality. In couples, there is duality, in February, we are present to love, or the absence of that brings a longing into our being. This month and especially this day is about duality, partnership, relationship and balance. Today also marks a new beginning for those who want to let go of their past and embrace more positivity. Pay close attention today to seek and mend partnership with the others around you. For those of you who like to isolate cause “I don’t like people.” Please keep in mind, as a biological human, we are hard wired for companionship. Like it or not. It’s often experiences we’ve taken from the past that keep us from connection today. We innately try to protect ourselves from getting hurt again and build up solid walls of protection. In the process, we really isolate ourselves in those walls away from connection. I heard this quote about 7 years ago and find it very magical that it surfaced again today: "Contrary to everything you know and contrary to what you believe, the past has nothing to do with who you are in the present. The future will never come, the past has gone, and this leaves you only now." –Ryan Belaen

Science vs Metaphysics: I immersed myself into A LOT of metaphysics before obtaining my education in psychology, social work and embracing the path of "clinical therapy". I had to write papers in my curriculums to dispel the lack of scientific evidence of astrology, symbology, energy work, and the magical synchronicity of life and at times the concept of God himself. I’m a straight A kind of girl, so I embraced all that “science" full on and spent the time to approach my future career from that scientific mindset. I will say in the end, having done this for 10 years and embracing both schools of thought, I utilize both in therapy. Intensely. In the end I find they are not different schools of thought. What you believe, you will create. To quote Henry Ford, “whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are right.” The Laws of Attraction are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in motion. The belief in Angel Numbers, and taking away from this blog that 2-2-22 is about creating balance and love in your February, and even your year, I say let the angels guide us, they know the way.

Make it a magical day.



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