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Magical places and spaces

Where are all the places and spaces magic can manifest itself in my life today?

It's been a month of quarantine. While Tuesday feels like Monday. Thursday is a blend of Friday and I woke up today and thought it was Saturday... It is indeed again "today".

There is an amazing Winnie the Pooh quote I love: "What day is it today" asked Pooh. "It's today" replied Piglet. "That's my favorite day" replied Pooh.

Breathe that in. It's today. We are currently in a world that isn't racing to Saturday and dreading Monday. In the stillness, there is magic all around us. Now more than ever. As you sit still, in your own skin what is around you? You must find the gratitude in the life you have created for yourself in the here and now. That is your sanctuary to what is going on around you in the world today. When I talk about places and spaces, it's the molecules in the living breathing life force around you. It hears you and it's listening when you ask for magic today. Open up your receiving energy and let it flow in.

Today for me is much like yesterday. I've been holding Telehealth sessions on my lanai, my new office in quarantine. The stillness is like yesterday, the day before that, the week before that and the novelty of it was possibly more than 4 weeks ago. Each client I talk to comments on the birds around me. EVERY client. I stopped hearing them until it's brought to my attention again. It's music that surrounds me every day. The magic can easily become the birds that sing to me all day. That alone can be something that shows up for me.

This is the first day in a couple weeks I drew a card, (this one). I brought it outside and set it by me as I worked. My last client today tells me, "I drew a card today and I'm disappointed with it." I asked what it was. They read me this card, sitting next to me. I laughed and showed them the card sitting next to me. There was the magic we were both looking for as we laughed.

Before that moment, the magic in my day was indeed the birds singing to me. What is around you? Where is the magic that fills your place and space. Find it. And when more shows up, don't forget that the world around you is a living and breathing organism. And it's listening to you.

Have an amazing, magical day lovelies.



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