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How big are you?

What would it take to feel the space of me from now through infinity? I start by asking, how big are you? I’m a small person. But let me tell you, I can take up a lot of space in a room if I want to, when I chose to show up as me. This is a card reflecting you and your energy, how you feel into your energy and how you project it.

Sit in your space for a moment. I want you to take a few deep breaths. Breathe in, 1...2...3...

Exhale slowly 1...2...3... do that a 3x. try to keep your breathing at this easy relaxed pace. I want you to feel into your energy. Your energetic being. What do you feel like? How big are you? how much space does your energy take up? Are you squishing your energy, compacting it down inside and trying to stay as small as possible? Pay attention to that. Are you expanded out, far beyond your physical structure? I want you squishy readers to feel that compaction. I want you to take your being and start imagining it bigger. I want you to feel your energy stretching across the space that you sit in. Breathe. And fill your space. What happens when you fill this space? Do you feel more calm? I want you to breathe into that space and start to expand out to the size of the building you are in, or the park you are in. Take up more space. Keep going. Expand your energy out to your city, state, country... breathe into it. Is this easy for you? Expand out more. Reach out beyond the earth and to the universe. What would it take to choose this much space all the time?

Contracting our energy makes us small, insignificant, and often creates a sense of anxiety and nervous energy. It’s not physically comfortable. Expand out. Find the edges of where you feel comfortable. This is an energy exercise. I’m not asking you to become an outrageous lunatic to be noticed in a large space. I’m asking you to allow the molecules of you to dance among a bigger space.

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