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Be Careful What You Wish For ;)

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Here we go. I'm starting a new adventure here. Blogging. While this is not something I ever saw myself taking on, it's just say, my homework challenge.

Topic: New Years Resolutions. Duh. It's January 2nd. And we're late. LOL!

What if we actually take a look at these as something more promising than a weight loss goal? What if a New Years Resolution is nothing but a goal with an amplified party preceding the accomplishment? We've just dropped the ball, and this is our life. It's a New Year party people! What if you could choose anything, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Pause.

The first thing that came to mind BEFORE the excuses began? The excuses that come from a much deeper part of us. The excuses that keep us from creating more. More peace, more fun, new friends, better friends, more love, better jobs, better.... for our life. What stops us? What gets in our way? What is that? It's time to take a look before you watch another year fly by and say, "hopefully 20next year will be a better year, because 20whatever sucked!"

What are a list of things that set us back?

Fear. Self worth issues. Money. Poor boundaries. Poor support systems. Guilt. Shame. Grief and loss. Trust issues. Victim mindset. Feelings. Feeeeeelings.

"I don't feel like it." "What I really feel like doing is pulling the covers over my head and eating more pizza. Cause I know that is going to make it all better." (Return to weight loss goal above.)

"What would people think?"

"My______ wouldn't approve."

"I have to take care of ______ and I don't have" time, energy, patience, or enough self love. (I see you over there.)

The feelings are a real stinker. If we only listened to our feelings all the time, we'd be in a real hot mess. And you know that.

New Years is a big deal to me, I look forward the the party that precedes my accomplishments and the celebration of bright hopes and wishes for the year to come. But this year I sat in a new space of creation. I started to set determination the minute the Conch Shell ;) dropped to change something I've been bitching, pissing, and moaning about for a while. Something I thought I wanted without a doubt... at that moment I thought, "oh shit. Do I really really want that? That would bring change from everything I'm doing that is comfortable. Ooo I really don't want to leave my comfort zone. It's safe here!" And I know first hand that outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens.

So we look deeper. (Don't you dare leave that first of the year magical wish an empty slate.) What is holding you back? Because that is holding you back across the board from more than a New Years Resolution. Choice creates your reality. Lets choose something different together. Tune in, freak out, beat or get beaten and lets have a great story to tell by 2020.

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