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Be a Lover Not A-Fraider

The beautiful piece of being a therapist is my clients share a culmination of all of their wisdom and journeys with me, as I keep growing and contributing back to others as a whole. I'm truly blessed. Recently I was given a quote that stopped me in mid conversation. It was a beautiful ah-ha moment. The statement was contexting "making decisions based on love not fear." This is deep.

Fear based decisions are so much more common to live from. A simple daily thought process almost all of us share would be "am I going to have enough money/security/respect/love..." The decisions we make for our life often reflect this thought quality. I realized the thoughts that angle my own decision making processes, and the ones that are powered by love. The money we spend, how we take care of ourselves and especially the conversations we have and how we act in partnership.

Fear or Love:

- Things you say

- Decisions you make

- Avoiding decisions

- Avoiding conversations

- Where you live

- Who you date or don't date

- The choices you make

- The job you stay in

- Money

- Your ability to receive from others

The Opposite of Fear is Actually Love.

Not hate. Love based decisions are absent of ego in the face of fear. Often times we hand out love carefully, we can be stingy with it, like unconsciously we think we're going to run out of it. Love is actually abundant, endless, and if we give it, it continues to create positivity. Love based decisions create.

Self Love

I'm not telling you to give of yourself without putting your needs in there. Self love decisions can look like being true to yourself in the face of judgement and discouragement. Being your true and best self. This creates something more in the world around you. Because you have more of yourself to give when you love you.

Don't be stingy. Love doesn't cost a thing.

If you give love, compliments, kindness, and don't get it back, it's ok. You gave a beautiful gift. Go you. Keep shining and being beautiful you.

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