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20 Pages To Change Your Life

In therapy sessions I like to assign journaling as a daily exercise. There's an honesty process that goes along with a journey. It's a moment where you, your pen and the those pages meet. Your energy gets transferred out of you, into safe harbor. People can become trolls and heroes on the same page as you channel your inner most feelings, and you get to create that story. Mwhahaha.

I find that the periods I don't journal much are times when I struggle with actually being honest with my journal. I had a friend tell me a long time ago when I hadn't journaled in 6 months to a year, "it's bad when you have to lie to your own journal." LOL! The irony is I taught them to use this as an outlet.

"You can do anything for a year."

I want my readers to consider a journal as a personal empowerment tool. I personally began intention setting with my journals. Each book I consider as a chapter of my life. My journals are made large enough to last me a year. I live my life and I'm honest with my book. Those are the only rules. Through this, I learned the lesson of time. When I get about 20 pages to the end of a book. I began to criticize myself for falling short of my goal and my intention. It's funny to watch life unfold, as your life can change in a moment's notice! Your life can change in meeting someone, the death of someone, a new job offer, a new opportunity, a spiritual awakening, and simply making a different choice and sticking to it. Or a worldwide pandemic!?! Who would've thought! For me, before my 20 pages was up in 2020, COVID hit and I got that full time telehealth therapy business I thought would be so great. For real.

20 pages. If you were writing say, 3 pages a day. That's about 6 - 7 days. Some of us take years to make a choice or a change. This is based on readiness and "time" and "some day". But you are always 1 choice from changing your life. And we make choices all day. Often we make choices based on fear, or what makes sense, or what others think we should do. But you have the power to make any choice you want, sensical or not. Eat, don't eat, eat good, eat bad, move away, buy a plane ticket, say yes to a date with someone, leave a relationship, take a job, leave a job, make a powerful request of someone where a "yes" could alter a significant part of your life.

This blog is meant to give you a powerful therapy tool and manifestation lesson to empower yourself. May you create bliss with ease.

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