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Show me some magic... poof!

How much magic can show up in my life today?

So, I have to admit. I've been sitting on this card for sometime for this blog. I try to avoid too much self disclosure on these posts. I try to be broad and cryptic when I'm writing about what came up for me, because in the end, I want the outcome of these cards to be about you. But in these blogs, I like to put each of these to the test, for myself. Today, I am going to talk about this card and what happened for me. I feel that is the best example of what I want to convey.

I pulled this card about 3 weeks ago for this blog. What actually happened that day... was my iPhone broke. I'm texting a whole conversation and suddenly... no service. I did my updates... no service. I called my phone carrier on another phone, they got me service... until I hung up the phone with them. Called back, scheduled to take it in. I'm thinking... THAT IS NOT THE MAGIC I ASKED FOR! Even after taking in the phone, they fixed the problem long enough for me to get home and have "no service" again. Next, my phone actually was sent in for repair and I got a loaner. I thought, I can't blog about that! Where is my magic? Show me the magic! So I went onto blogging about other cards each day. This card was still in my cue to write a blog for, and after a while, I honestly forgot what happened on this day. Finally I drew the card again to see what would come up and finish this blog.

So, when I drew the card again, this happened to be the day I went to pick up my iPhone repair. On the drive... I realized, OMG, I drew this card the day my phone malfunctioned randomly. Huh. I arrived to pick up my phone repair. They gave me this paper about what had been repaired for free and under warranty. This sweetheart of a lady was working with me to get my phone restored (AKA MY LIFE). I had such a fun time talking with her. By the end of our chat she says how proud she is to work for a company willing to fix things for free that were not part of the service issue. At that point I really paid attn to what was replaced on my phone. I basically had a brand new phone, new display, motherboard, camera, and battery. The issue was replace with the motherboard alone. The rest they replaced complementary. She said rarely has she seen that happen and she was happy they did that. Honestly, prior to this my phone would take blurry photos sometimes, my battery would last what seemed like 2 hours and there was a small scratch on my display. They could've charged me a lot (with my approval to fix these issues). Now it's basically a free new phone. Ummm, that is magic. Yes please and thank you Apple!

I wanted to tell you this story, because I want you to be aware of the silver lining in situations. Even when I asked for magic, and the situation showed up smelly, stinky and farty. The universe, God, a higher power, whatever you do or don't subscribe to... had a better plan in store. This was probably a 3 week turn around for me. I had a perfectly good loaner phone in the meantime and I'm beyond happy with the outcome.

How much magic can show up in your day today?

– Janie

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