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Positive feedback

What would it take to create a positive feedback loop with the world around me? I'm defining this positive feedback loop as: what you are putting into the world reflects positivity around you. Do the people around you tell you good things about you? We naturally are our worst possible critics. When we listen to the way we talk to ourselves, it can get gruesome. And this is not where we should be dwelling. Sometimes this can get fed by having people around us that also tell us negative things, and reinforce the crappy things we think of ourselves. "Oh they're right, I'm an awful person. I knew it." Where are you going with that? Nowhere good. When you're down in beliefs about yourself, and that is supported around you, how can you come back up? I haven't seen someone start a new day while living in that and decide, "you know what, I'm just going to be awesome today!" It takes a lot of work! And it takes support from those around you as well. The stronger your positive support system, the more resilience you have to continue your path to 1) believing you're valuable , 2) sharing that awesomeness with the world around you.

The world around you can look like your family and friends, if you're one of my significant isolators, even your pet wants to see you happy. That dog or cat is licking your face to put a smile on it. It feels you. This can also look like being unstoppable and working toward your dreams. I don't care how old you are. You're never too old to start living the life you always dreamed. And if this applies to you, consider, how old will you be when you decide to get up and start trying for them. I had someone once tell me, "Janie, you'll turn 40 with our without the career you want." Now personalize that statement for yourself.

If you do have that positive support system, I encourage you to receive it today, listen to it and take it in. Sometimes we think people compliment us just to be nice. No one has to tell you anything nice. They could compliment the weather instead of you. ;) Maybe you bring something positive to someone's world today, maybe you hear your family or significant other with a different set of ears when they thank you or encourage you.

Ask the question, stay in gratitude when this shows up.

Go forth and be awesome today.

Thanks for following me.

=) Janie

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