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Being Still

It's easy to live day by day and to think of everything that doesn't go right. Ruminate what we want that we don't have or the way we think things should be. Somewhere out beyond that however, is the present moment. We rob ourselves from that so often. I'm asking you to drop your defenses and go with me here for a few moments. Read slow and take your time with this. Consider a period in this paragraph as 5 seconds. I want you to focus on your breathing and take 3 slow deep breaths, breathing all the way into your abdomen. Exhale and flush out all the stagnant air accumulated in your lungs, breathe out the anxiety. Breathe in fresh life giving energy. Breathe out the worry. Breathe in you, the present moment. Breathe out any unpleasantness. Breathe in your power in this moment. Breathe out the he said/she said, he did/she didn't do..... let it go. Keep breathing.

Inhale, where are you right now? And what do you notice around you? This moment is for you. Focus on what's around you. What is good in this moment? Take away yesterday, tomorrow, throw that in the garbage can (exhale it). What is in your present moment? If you can focus on what is right here and now, what is right in this time and space? Let all the mind chatter go. Our mind is always chatting up a storm, shhhh... what's right with you? I want you to take a few minutes and keep receiving what's now. What is perfect and in this time and space. Keep breathing and receiving that gratitude, let it flow into every muscle and fiber of your being. Receive your health. Receive your body. Receive the space you're sitting in. Receive any pleasant sounds around you. Receive any pleasant smells around you. Receive the time and place you are at in your life. Receive your surroundings, receive security, receive love, love from yourself, love from others. Let it fill you. Breathe. Keep breathing.

I want you to notice there is nothing wrong in this time and space. The wrongness exists in the way we think things should be, the wrongness we created in choices or situations from yesterday, or expectations we have set that will fall short tomorrow. Doubt, disappointment, mistrust of others, that's not something that exists in the here and now. Those things lay outside of you and and are based on expectation. I want you to be able to separate the two and focus on gratitude. When we start asking what is right more often than we stack up what is wrong, the world is allowed to gift us, our place in the world becomes brighter, happier. And we hold space for those around us to create the same.

I want you to acknowledge your power in creating your life. And I want you to consider one last thing in this time and space. Where you are, is it what you asked for?

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